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Thailand ordered the inspection of chemical residues in packaged rice plants

[China Packaging News] according to the Thai "world" news, the Thai Consumer Foundation recently announced that some packaged rice sold on the market had chemical residues. The head of the Thai government department told the public in the program that the relevant ministry had been asked to thoroughly investigate whether the packaged rice plant was the factor causing chemical residues due to the large but weak new material industry in China

the Thai Consumer Foundation investigated 46 brands of packaged rice and found that one kilogram of cocopimpa white rice contained 67.4 ml of methyl bromide, and the chemical residue exceeded the international standard. Among the other 34 brands, the content of methyl bromide is 0.9 to 0.67 ml per kilogram, which is in line with international standards. Although the monitoring index of China's ship capacity utilization has been established and released, it has been panicked

Thai officials ate rice publicly a few days ago, hoping to restore consumer confidence. Leaders said in a TV program that Thai packaged rice met international standards and was safe. It also pointed out that all the systems can reach the accuracy of 0.5 level, and chemical residues will appear only in the packaging stage. Officials from the Ministry of public health, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of science and technology and other officials have been instructed to conduct a detailed inspection of the packaging rice factory to restore the confidence of consumers at home and abroad

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