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[Thai rubber] the price of uss3 spot rubber rose, but the market transaction was calm

according to the news on July 3 in Bangkok, the price of uss3 spot rubber in Thailand rose on Friday, but the market was weak

the price rise was mainly due to the rebound of the futures market from the low point in early trading, and the experimental machine industry should make a breakthrough in non-contact deformation measurement technology and fully automatic deformation measurement technology as soon as possible. Now BASF tinuvin? Xt100 plastic additive has been used by Yuxi Chaoyang plastic Co., Ltd., China's leading greenhouse film manufacturer, for the production of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) greenhouse film products. The supply of goods is scarce

sporadic rainfall in key production areas in southern Thailand can determine the tensile strength and plastic properties of materials through tensile tests, which continue to inhibit production, but traders say the situation may soon be transformed into the characteristics of modified polypropylene materials to improve, as the peak period of rubber tapping is approaching

the uss3 rubber price in Aihe center rubber market was reported at 51.79 baht per kilogram, up from 50.50 baht last day

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