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Thailand PTT 75000 ton butadiene project starts

it is reported that Thailand PTT global chemical has started the construction of a butadiene extraction unit with a capacity of 75000 tons/year, which will use the C4 fraction of the company's naphtha cracking as raw material, and it is planned to be put into operation in the second half of 2013. It is said that due to the construction of several projects for the production of synthetic rubber and ABS plastics in the downstream of Thailand, the demand for butadiene is increasing. In addition, PTT global chemical naphtha cracking unit has 104000 tons/year of C4 fraction that is not used. At present, Thailand has two butadiene production plants, namely, the 140000 ton/year butadiene plant of Bangkok lightweight, which uses the range of plastic parts to expand into resins, and the 50000 ton/year butadiene plant of TRPC of PTT group

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