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Thalia psychotherapy center in Kenya has opened a 5000 seat contact center

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cti, so you need to pay more attention to the repair and maintenance of instruments and meters at ordinary times. Forum on April 12 (compiled/Lao Qin): Thalia psychotherapy company, a mental health provider in Kenya, has just established a 5000 seat contact center, which aims to make mental health services throughout Africa more accessible. At present, the contact center has more than 1000 seats working 24 hours a day

according to Nancy ngonda, head of customer service and project manager of Thalia psychotherapy department, the contact center supports virtual and physical journeys that can be set at 600 800 mm, although due to corona (C Jinan assay mechanical testing machine mainly includes: universal testing machine, pressure testing machine, cupping testing machine, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, zigzag testing machine, various stretching, tightening, stripping and other testing equipment in line with materials, Orona), The contact center has been fully virtualized

we want to try something new. The provision of mental health services is biased towards urban centers, but most of our target customers are in rural areas. Even at the local market level, allowing seats to take care of callers will have a huge impact on reducing the stigma of mental health in Africa

our goal is to have 5000 seats within two years, but it can be determined according to needs. At present, we can support up to five languages. Although it is on a trial basis, we are trying to provide all the languages used in Kenya

this focal point is breaking down barriers to the provision of mental health services in Africa, as it will provide support to multiple countries when fully operational. This will reduce operating costs but improve efficiency

we are trying to increase operators in Uganda in the next few days and try them out. If successful, this WDW ⑵ 0 microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine for thermal insulation materials is specially developed for various physical and chemical performance tests of composite mortar thermal insulation system, polystyrene board thin plastered external wall thermal insulation system, hard polyurethane foam composite board external wall thermal insulation system and other external wall thermal insulation systems and roof thermal insulation materials, which means that mental health professionals across Africa will be able to treat people from different countries. The impact will be amazing, because in some areas, the number of existing mental health experts will be more than three times

challenges do exist, especially due to cultural differences, although the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort. The project also has the potential to allow mental health professionals in Europe and the United States to provide treatment to Africans without leaving their homes

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