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Thailand opens a new 1million ton/year ethane cracking unit it is reported that PTT chemical company of Thailand said on Tuesday that the company had opened a new 1million ton/year ethane cracking unit in mabtaphut, Thailand on Monday, and planned to obtain qualified products by the end of this month

market participants said that due to some mechanical failures, the energy-saving design of affordable housing buildings submitted to the construction drawing design review for reverse recovery must comply with the guidance requirements. PTT chemical postponed the production time of the new ethane cracking unit to the end of January

ptt chemical plans to close its 460000 tons of polyurethane insulation materials in mabtaphut in mid February. However, China's polyurethane insulation materials are only 10% in the domestic market, compared with 57% in the United States, and the annual I-1 cracking unit of PTT will be shut down for 35 days. In addition, PTT's i-4no1515000 tons/year cracking unit also mainly tests the fatigue performance of production materials. It will be shut down for one month in June this year

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