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Weisheng EPIA leads the era of PC remote control

up to now, the corresponding software and hardware technology has made it able to undertake almost all the multimedia entertainment in the family: DVD and other video playback, CD and various audio playback, digital photo browsing, if you have a TV card with good electrical performance, it's no problem to watch TV and listen to radio, plus the unique advantages of rich network resources, Taking full account of the development trend of coaxiality detection technology of experimental machines, PC is enough to eliminate the whole set of configuration from TV to home theater in ordinary families. So, what exactly hinders the pace of PC appliance? One of the most important reasons is the complexity of operation

perhaps the seemingly simple startup and running program is very simple for many of us, but if there are old people or children at home, such operation will be troublesome. Even for us, few people are willing to work for a simple platform change and run to the front of the computer - remote control is actually an insurmountable gap between PC and digital appliances

with the release of Microsoft Windows XP media center 2005 operating system, many multimedia devices are supported in the software. At the same time, Microsoft simplifies the operation of MCE operating system as a digital appliance platform and supports the main functions of remote control operation. PC manufacturers have also launched a large number of Media Center PCs specially prepared for MCE operating system, making digital appliances truly enter thousands of households. In terms of hardware, although there are many media center PC brands on the market, if we analyze their internal structure in depth, we will find that most products actually use the EPIA embedded motherboard of via. Via's EPIA provides the lowest and most important basic platform for media center computers

at present, the mainstream product of EPIA's home oriented media center computer is the SP series, which uses C3 processor, cn400 North Bridge and vt8237 South Bridge, also under the vepd Department of via, as the core components. The biggest advantage of C3 processor is that it can provide sufficient computing power required by the media center computer in a completely silent environment, and the integrated S3 display core of cn400 North Bridge will also bring perfect video decompression and image quality experience, The 1394 and USB 2.0 device support provided by 8237 Nanqiao provides support for remote control devices, even DV machines and other devices. It can be said that it is the silent dedication of EPIA that gives us the pleasure of sitting on the sofa and remotely controlling the media center PC

vepd (via embedded platform Division), founded in October 2003, is a combination of the former Weisheng electronic platform division, central processing unit and embedded R & D department. In view of the increasing demand of the global IA and embedded market, it was established under the requirements of combining resources to provide customers with complete and fast services, In addition to the advanced technology leading the market and the product development strength mastering the market demand, vepd has complete resources of sales and service networks all over the world

via electronics is one of the few providers in the world who can provide complete solutions for chips, processors, mainboards and drivers required by IA and embedded system manufacturers. Through rapid technology integration, we can effectively shorten the time of product development for you, have the advantage of faster time to market, and via its own highly integrated EPIA Series platform, via which via electronics can bring more economic benefits to customers

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Weisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a market leader in wafer free factories. It is a market leader in logic core chips, low-power x86 processors, advanced network connections, multimedia, but the economic quality and degree of benefits (Social Security) have not yet reached the modern network and storage chips and complete platform solutions, driving system innovation in the PC and embedded markets. Weisheng Electronics' customer base covers all major OEM manufacturers, motherboard manufacturers and system integrators in the world. Its headquarters is located in Xindian City, Taipei County, Taiwan, and has branch sites in the United States, Europe and Chinese Mainland. Weisheng electronics is also a listed company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (tse2388). For more information about the company, please visit

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