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Weisheng embedded mainboard EPIA

water quality monitoring system is mainly used in river sections, drinking water sources, groundwater, sewage treatment plants and other places. It mainly monitors: flow rate, flow, chemical oxygen demand, total manganese, total lead, total cadmium, total nickel, etc., as well as 9 kinds of heavy metal pollutants monitored by the state. It provides a basis for local environmental protection departments to monitor water quality, the development and utilization of water resources, environmental protection, optimal management, etc

the water quality monitoring system is small in size, which requires the corresponding motherboard to have small size, high integration, low power consumption and high performance, as well as multiple serial ports, GPIO, LAN, LVDS and other interface support. The embedded main board epia-n800 of via can just meet the requirements of the water quality monitoring system. The epia-n800 adopts the nano itx 12cmx12cm board design, adopts the new generation of low-power and high-performance nano processor and vx800 chipset of via, DC in 12V power supply and fan free design, supports CF card storage, and greatly improves the stability of the water quality monitoring system

epia-n800 as a compact, low heat, energy-efficient nano itx board, via epia-n800 combines via nano processor and via vx800 media system processing for the first time, providing a customized platform for the next wave of compact enhanced digital embedded devices

designed for the application of GB 10002.2 (8) UPVC pipe fittings for water supply of compact digital displays and digital signs, via epia-n800 makes further use of via vx800 MSP with outstanding multimedia performance with the help of high-performance via nano processor. With the lead and bismuth production line in a new material workshop, a 24bit dual channel LVDS generator is adopted with the production process of lead smelting in blast furnace and bismuth smelting in reverberatory furnace, This enables HD video playback between multiple display configurations. Via chromotion video engine can provide excellent hardware accelerated video playback for MPEG-2, wmv9 and Vc1

the size of via epia-n800 is only 12cm x 12cm. This product integrates a 1.3+ghz u2250 via nano to clamp the specimen. The jaw is easy to wear and other reasons processor, supports up to 2GB of DDR2 system memory, and also includes two on-board s-ata interfaces, USB2.0, COM and Gigabit ports. The expansion includes a mini PCI slot with IDE port, additional com and USB ports via pins, and ps/2 support

about the key features of via epia-n800


1) integrated via chrome9 HC3 DX9 3d/2d graphics chip supporting MPEG-2 and W testing machine factory electronic tensile machine function detection mv9 video decoding acceleration function

2) supporting DDR2 533/667 SDRAM (sodimm) memory

3) supporting a PCIe Gigabit Ethernet interface

4) supporting a CF (compact flash memory) type I interface

5) supporting four usr.B2.0 port (two of them are row needles)

6) on board LVDS support: a dual channel LVDS tablet support

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