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Wonderful review of vforum2015 annual cloud computing event (Beijing)

ctiforum news on November 4 (Li Wenjie): the two-day vforum2015 annual cloud computing event has ended. This conference takes ready for any as the theme, and a total of more than 6000 IT industry elites attended the conference. Our online virtual conference is also wonderful, attracting more than 5000 users from all industries across the country. As a leading manufacturer of global cloud infrastructure and mobile commerce, vforum2015 has been held in Beijing for the ninth time this year. This vforum2015 conference includes 11 keynote speeches and more than 70 solution performances. The traditional tensile experiment ★ the operation of the software system can realize three-level user management. The equipment adopted is generally hydraulic universal experimental machine. The convening of vforum2015 has led a new round of innovation in the cloud computing industry, and is the most influential annual event of virtualization and cloud computing in the industry

wonderful speech by on-site guests

Song Jiayu, global vice president of VMware and President of Greater China, brought us a wonderful opening. Ready for any

Sanjay mirchandni, senior vice president of VMware group and general manager of Asia Pacific region, brought us five inevitable digital changes

presided over by song Jiayu, cooperated with the cloud to enter the new material Partner dialogue at the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading with new technology research and development as the core: China's Cloud State and trend

Li Xianglin, vice president of Lenovo Group, head of service in China

Zhang donglangchao, vice president, general manager of system software department, general manager of information security department, professor level Senior Engineer

director of Lijun Shuguang Information Industry Co., Ltd President

Yang Juzheng, general manager of the marketing department of Chinatelecom cloud computing company

cai Hanhui, global vice president of EMC and President of China, brings the future to everyone, redefines +

benefits all amputees trend technology global R & D director Zhang Weiqin, executive vice president of Jinan Greater China, brings us data center security rethinking

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