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Weiluntong opens the maintenance inquiry system

1. Open weiluntong station:

2. Click "maintenance product inquiry" (the position shown by the red arrow in the figure below)

3. Enter the "model" to start the instrument and automatically stop after 500 or 1000 revolutions, "Sn" number (the position shown by the red arrow in the figure below), click "submit"

and you can smoothly inquire the maintenance status of the maintenance products you sent at weiluntong station, Keep abreast of the repair progress, fault phenomenon, delivery date, express delivery method, express delivery number and other contents of the repair products at any time. The opening of the system, on the one hand, makes it convenient for customers to master the maintenance progress anytime and anywhere, and make optimal arrangements for production and work; On the other hand, the form of online inquiry system reduces the tedious and inconvenient inquiry of customers, and saves customers more time and certain expenses, Is really a guest "It has the potential to truly change the rules of the game in the composite industry. It is an important measure to give value to customers for the sake of customers!

in fact, the opening of the weiluntong maintenance product inquiry system is one of the many measures taken by weiluntong technology to continuously deepen customer service and give value to customers during the AC 220V 50Hz period. With the continuous improvement of the national market layout of weiluntong technology and the continuous development and expansion of the customer team, in order to Well implement the service tenet of common prosperity, win-win results and customer satisfaction, winron Tongke 3 Host technology will continue to launch more service projects, and carry out the "gold medal service" of vialon technology to the end

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