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With the development of Electronic Science and technology and people's attention to health, more and more medical devices with simple operation and advanced functions have been widely developed in medical institutions. Blood analyzer is one of the instruments widely used in clinical examination in hospital. In the past, the original method of blood routine examination was manual microscopic examination through microscope. With the development of basic medicine and the application of high-tech technology, blood analyzer has become an important means to replace microscopic examination for blood routine analysis

the full-automatic blood analyzer produced by a famous medical equipment manufacturer adopts the integrated design of via embedded motherboard epia-p720 as the control core, adopts a 10.4-inch large LCD touch screen, no key operation, comes with motherboard, hard disk, embedded system, no external computer, built-in thermal printing/external printer to print reports. It has the characteristics of simple operation, powerful function, convenient maintenance and remote network diagnosis function. The reason why customers choose Weisheng epia-p720 motherboard is that the size of Weisheng epia-p720 embedded motherboard is only 10x7.2cm. In addition, it also has rich peripheral interfaces such as LVDS, USB, LPC, UART, etc. to facilitate system integration and save space. It adopts a fan free wide temperature design to support the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the equipment, regardless of performance, More information about stability and hardware connection: Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. main products: friction and wear testing machine electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine/tensile testing machine/fatigue testing machine/changing the interface of the testing machine meet the requirements of customers. In addition, the embedded Department of via has a strong software and hardware technology team, which provides strong support to customers in terms of the development of underlying hardware and embedded software, thus saving product development time and enabling products to enter the market quickly. At present, this product is widely used and praised by doctors in major medical institutions for its simple operation, accurate analysis results and stable system

via epia-p720 is an ultra compact motherboard based on 10 cm x 7.2 cm Pico itx board. It adopts the latest via vx855 media system chipset, and can smoothly play various video formats with up to 1080p resolution that require strict performance. It is an ideal choice for the new generation of digital media interactive equipment to greatly improve the comprehensive performance of metal air batteries and digital billboards

via vx855 combines the digital media IGP chipset, which can provide hardware acceleration performance of H.264, Vc1, WMV, and MPEG 2/4 encoding and decoding. It takes very little resources for the fanless 1GHz via Eden ULV processor on the motherboard, so that the processor can centrally process most of its parts, which is almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Via vx855 also includes via chrome9 8482; HCM 3D integrated display core can fully support DirectX 9.0 and a 128 bit 2D engine with graphics hardware rotation function

via epia-p720 adopts a specially designed i/o additional sub card, via p720-a, to add 1 VGA interface, 1 Gigabit interface and 2 USB2.0 interfaces to connect the onboard HDMI interface. Via vinyl HD audio decoding provides 6 channels and supports DTS audio of s/pdif. The storage function is realized through an on-board 44 pin ide connector and a SATA interface

the on-board pin arrangement can support four additional USB2.0 interfaces, one LPC connector, SMBus connector, ps/2 support, audio jack, LVDS, four groups of DIO and two UART interfaces

about via epia-p720:

main performance:

1) integrated via chrome9 (TM) 3d/2d AGP graphics core, supporting MPEG-2, wmv9 and H.264 video hard decoding accelerators

2) support DDR2 800/667 SDRAM (sodimm) memory

3) support 1 Gigabit

4) support 1 IDE and 1 SATA hard disk

5) support 6 USB2.0 interfaces

6) onboard LVDS: support 1 single channel LVDS panel

7) support HD high fidelity audio

8) support 1 product name MVM ⑴ h material friction and wear tester HDMI interface

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