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Vialon mt508tv5/MT510TV5 will be launched soon

bid farewell to the gray scale and embrace the TFT era. Shenzhen weiluntong Technology Co., Ltd., the only world-class human-computer interface manufacturer in the three places on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, has launched MT500 series true color human-computer interface products with the best cost performance, leading the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises into the TFT era. Since the weinview brand MT500 series products have been highly praised by the majority of customers

gold medal human-machine interface experts, build the first national brand. Weiluntong technology has always been committed to the society as a corporate citizen. While growing, it has also made important contributions to promoting the technological progress of the human-machine interface industry and the revitalization of national industry! With a long-term vision, Winton technology has always been at the forefront of its peers, and has launched the best of each generation of human-computer interface products

The MT500 series touch screen has inherited the advantages of the traditional man-machine interface, got rid of the shortcomings of the traditional monochrome man-machine interface, and combined with the successful experience accumulated by Weilun technology in the international market over the years, it has super compatibility and excellent true color display performance. The weinview brand man-machine interface with PLC can play the best effect and make the production line work more effectively, Create more value for the enterprise! True gold is not afraid of fire. The market response has proved that MT500 series touch screen has become the preferred brand for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase man-machine interfaces

there is no end to scientific research, especially for independent innovation enterprises such as Weilun technology, innovation is the soul and driving force of enterprise development! Working principle of deformation measurement: the huge market success of MT500 series touch screen has strengthened the continuous improvement and upgrading of MT500 series products by Weilun technology. It is reported that the mt508tv5/MT510TV5, the latest product of the MT500 series of vialon technology, will be grandly unveiled at the "2007fa/pa 11th international modern factory/two chuck process automation technology and Equipment Exhibition on the installation" held from to 24

from behind mt508tv5/MT510TV5 has obvious advantages

compared with mt510tv4/mt508tv45, MT508TV5/MT510TV5 have significant advantages in mechanism design and software support. Luxiaoping, a staff member of the company, said: "Our 3-axis linkage injection molding machine has made progress.

in terms of mechanism design, due to the reduction of the screen frame, the same screen size looks wider and more in line with human visual habits; the unique curve design on both sides allows you to recognize the weinview brand at a glance in many touch screens with the same design, and the image is more outstanding; the new heat dissipation hole design perfectly avoids the direct falling of dust from the top, and the thickness is also towards the thin design for customers Provide a full range of color collection solutions, sound grade plastic materials to make products more textured; On the whole, more refined

what is more surprising is that mt508tv5/MT510TV5 adopts the same mechanism design as mt8000, and the software has the upgrade function. For customers who need to expand the function later, we provide mt508tv5/MT510TV5 with a program to convert the eb500 EOB file format into EB8000 engineering file, and the upgrade function can be completed without changing the opening size! With the price of MT500 series, you can enjoy the value of mt8000 series

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