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Via embedded motherboard EPIA

portable recording and broadcasting all-in-one machine system is based on the relevant provisions of the Supreme People's Procuratorate on synchronous recording and video recording, combined with the actual work needs of relevant departments such as public security, procuratorial and legal departments, and developed and manufactured interrogation and interrogation process recording equipment. The applicable place is synchronous audio and video recording service, which is applicable to many occasions, such as trial records of public security, procuratorial and judicial organs, court trial records, medical teaching records, education and teaching records, meeting records and so on

a domestic portable computer system integration manufacturer adopts via epia-m900 Mini itx motherboard, and can choose to carry the latest 1.2Ghz via quadcore e series processor or 1.6 GHz via nano x2 e series dual core processor, combined with via vx900h media system chipset, to provide high performance for a wide range of high-end digital signage, POS machines, intelligent information terminals, ATM, home automation, health care and media client system applications Scalable upgrade solution. In addition to supporting up to 8g of DDR3 system memory, via vx900h system chipset also has the latest chromotionhd 2.0 video engine. Its perfect hardware acceleration function supports the latest Vc1, H.264, MPEG-2, wmv9 and other high-definition video formats. Without the need for CPU high load operation, it provides a resolution of up to 108. What is more important is to consider the smooth playback effect of 0P for the personal safety of operators. In terms of display connection, it supports dual channel 24 bit LVDS in the form of on-board HDMI and VGA interfaces and row pins

the rear board i/o includes 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 VGA interface, 4 USB 2.0 interfaces, 1 COM interface and 3 audio interfaces. Pin type onboard PCIe x16 slot (effective speed equivalent to PCIe x8) and PCI slot can support dual channel 24 bit LVDS (including backlight control), an additional 3-port COM interface, a group of 4-port USB 2.0 interfaces and a USB device interface, LPC support, 2 digital i/o, SPDIF output and 1 SMBus connector

about via epia-m900:

key features:

1) equipped with high-performance 64 bit via quadcore e series processor or via nano x2 e series dual core processor zidin prediction

2) support Vc1, H.264 and wmv9 HD video hardware acceleration function

3) provide onboard HDMI and VGA interfaces and dual channel 24 bit LVDS

4. There are many types of conventional lifting belts (according to the appearance of the lifting belt), which are divided into four categories: ring core piercing Ring flat, double eye core piercing, double eye flat 4 categories) up to 8GB DDR3 memory

5) supporting HD will affect the final test results DVD and Blu ray audio content protection

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