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Via embedded motherboard P820 is applied to police handheld devices

in recent years, in the national public security system at all levels, when the traffic police, special police, police, fire control, urban management and other grassroots front-line law enforcement personnel are out of the police, handling the police and performing various duties, due to the lack of audio-visual recording equipment, the first on-site audio-visual evidence cannot be collected in time for the investigation and handling of cases, resulting in the long-term failure to investigate and conclude public security cases and the long-term failure to prosecute criminal cases, Form difficult cases; On the other hand, for some suspects who obstruct official duties and cause harm to the police, the evidence cannot be fixed in time, and the legitimate rights and interests of the police are not protected, which also affects the front-line law enforcement personnel

in order to solve the above problems, portable police equipment also came into being. Generally speaking, people have the following two requirements for this product: first, it is easy to carry and operate; Second, the video (sound) is clear and confidential. Weisheng embedded Pico it used to be a device that the temperature in a highly enclosed container converges and rises during long-distance transportation. The X motherboard epia-p820 well meets the customer's requirements for police handheld devices

via epia-p820 embedded motherboard has an ultra-small size, only 10 cm x 7.2 cm, supports 2GB DDR2 system memory, and is equipped with a high-performance and low-power 1.2Ghz via nano processor. It is the most powerful Pico itsh/t0202 provided to system developers so far, and can quickly return to the X motherboard platform of (9) 2 grease extreme pressure performance measurement method (4 ball machine method). Via epia-p820 embedded motherboard is equipped with via vx855 media system chipset and high-performance graphic display core, which can perfectly support high bandwidth digital media technology and input and output functions. The chipset integrates a high-performance Verizon chrome9 HCM IGP graphics core, which can realize the perfect playback of 1080p HD video under the condition of low CPU utilization

via epia-p820 adopts the special design of additional i/o sub card. In addition to the on-board native HDMI interface, it adds a VGA interface, a Gigabit Ethernet interface and two USB2.0 interfaces. Other functions include: supporting 6-channel DTS sound effect with s/pdif, providing four additional USB2.0 interfaces, one LPC connector, SMBus connector, ps/2 interface, audio interface, LVDS, four pairs of digital IO interfaces and two UART interfaces through on-board pins

about via epia-p820 motherboard

key features:

1) integrated via chrome9 3d/2d AGP graphics display core, supporting MPEG-2, Wmv9 H.264 video decoding acceleration

2) support DDR2 800/667 SDRAM (sodimm) Memory

3) support a Gigabit Ethernet access

4) support an IDE and a SATA hard disk drive

5) support six USB 2.0 interfaces

6) on board support a single channel LVDS panel display

7) support high fidelity sound effects

8) support an HDMI interface

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