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On January 23, the body Department of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. organized an exchange meeting with more than 30 stamping product suppliers to "improve product quality and create high-quality body". At the meeting, By jointly discussing the problems in the past year and the relevant measures for solidification and improvement, we have established the core elements for improvement and clarified the bottlenecks to achieve the purpose of common improvement, common progress and win-win cooperation

at the meeting, the body department systematically analyzed the new quality standards and requirements brought about by the mass production of new products such as t7H from the aspects of stamping quality, packaging protection and improvement measures, reorganized the quality control system of purchased products, and focused on three aspects to carry out the quality improvement work in the new year

first of all, set up five procurement control groups for stamping (howo/t7h), welding, painting and assembly. Each group has a team leader, and consists of different divisions of quality, technology, equipment and field divisional engineering according to the load measurement method. Establish the corresponding quality control system, collect and use the method of multi-functional group demonstration to analyze and solve the quality problems of purchased products

the second is to improve the "quality control plan of purchased products", and take corresponding quality control according to the importance, historical information and key quality characteristics of the purchased products. The hydraulic jaw mentioned here is not actually a plan to be used on the hydraulic universal testing machine. According to the product structure and quality characteristics, some exempted product parts are determined, and the supplier provides the batch of "product quality inspection form" as the certificate of conformity, and randomly checks the self inspection compliance. In the full-scale inspection, the full-scale inspection will be carried out according to the set cycle to determine the product conformity. In the inspection of key quality characteristics, at the end of each month, check whether it will easily lead to arbitrary accusations against the human rights status of other countries, send errors or shutdown faults, collect on-site feedback problems in the current month, implement on-site continuous inspection in the next month, verify product compliance, master the implementation effect of corrective measures for key quality characteristics, and early warning information to avoid repeated occurrence

the third is continuous improvement to solve the problem of packaging protection. Focus on the systematic analysis from seven aspects: appearance, specification, versatility, appliance return, appliance quantity confirmation, manufacturer's appliance account, management and cooperation of station appliances, and determine the relevant supporting measures

at the meeting, the body department signed quality commitment letters with the participating suppliers one by one

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