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The carton separation mode of the paperboard factory is in crisis, and the Pearl River Delta will take the lead in breaking the situation.

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core tip: after 2018, the secondary Paperboard Factory found horribly that the advantages brought by the carton separation that it once enjoyed were lost in almost a year. An independent cardboard factory can make a net profit of 10000 yuan. In a blink of an eye, there is only a fraction left

[China Packaging News] after 2018, the secondary Paperboard Factory found that the advantages brought by the separation of boards and boxes that it once enjoyed had been lost in almost a year. An independent cardboard factory can make a net profit of 10000 yuan. In a blink of an eye, there is only a fraction of 5VA)

the board box separation mode, which has been developing rapidly for more than ten years, is facing a huge crisis in the era of serious overcapacity in secondary plants. In the market outlet, the orders of Damen tile line are full. After a year, the air outlet receded, and under the mentality of bearish market expectations, the cardboard factories are hard on the big line, and many cardboard factories simply give up picking up goods

in just two years, ice and fire are double

why does the separation of board and box lead to crisis

1. The characteristic that paperboard must be produced intensively is bound to pursue high startup rate

2. The efficiency advantage of the large line has been wiped out by the low startup rate in the face of insufficient orders

3. Price reduction and promotion are no longer qualified to increase production capacity in the era of overcapacity

relatively speaking, the secondary plant is in the most disadvantageous position in maintaining the startup rate. The paper mill can be started up for one month and shut down for half a month; The carton factory can open and stop at any time and produce intermittently

<5 gold tool torque testing equipment is used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, as well as the torsional strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories p> I heard an accurate metaphor from an industry person - the paper mill processes flour, the secondary factory is a shop for making dumplings and noodles, and the carton factory is a delivery boy who can get customers. Flour processing can be completed in large quantities in a centralized time. The takeout boy works according to the market demand, while the noodle shop hopes to have enough orders every day. Even if the order is no less, you have to open the door every day

this is just an efficiency crisis. The most embarrassing thing is that the cardboard factory has no real customers. Because corrugated cardboard is not the final product state, it cannot be sold as an end product, and can only be sold to carton factories

in the era of insufficient production capacity, any new paperboard factory can respond to the new social demand, and both buyers and sellers can obtain satisfactory income

from the previous perspective, it is the development of paperboard factories that provides conditions for the prosperity of tertiary factories. For more than ten years, the paperboard production capacity was overcapacity... The truth at this time is that the carton factory outsourced the paperboard processing links to the paperboard factory

the paperboard factory actually completed only the production link, while the carton factory completed the sales link. Originally, it was thought that the separation of plates and boxes was only a transformation of production mode. Now, it is actually a transformation of the separation of production and marketing

in the case that paper mills have seized most of the profits of the industrial chain by relying on industry priority, the profit space left for secondary and tertiary plants will only be less and less. The price of paper has risen, and the secondary factory has a smooth flow, while the tertiary factory has a lot of complaints; The price of paper fell, the secondary factory "cut meat and feed the eagle", and the tertiary factory waited to see its change

the secondary plant has become an asset intensive production enterprise in order to maintain gas intensity due to large equipment investment and large inventory of raw materials; Although the investment of the tertiary plant is small, it has a long accounting period and cumbersome customer service, so it has become a sales service company

in a word, the secondary and tertiary plants are two closely connected processes in the community of destiny

since it is a community of common destiny, we should no longer look at this matter from the perspective of separation. If the secondary and tertiary factories can't sit together and drink tea, talk about cooperation and integration, they can't restore the state of the entire industrial chain

the second and third level factories must have the courage to break the deadlock, give full play to their production and marketing advantages, and further integrate the production and marketing division mode, so as to have the hope of breaking the situation

such a change is brewing in the Pearl River Delta region

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